The body is an amazing creation that can accomplish numerous miraculous tasks, including the creation of new life. These miraculous tasks are accomplished under the control of the nervous system, the master communication system of the entire body.

Our team at Natural Living is passionate about caring for pregnant women, you enjoy every step of your special journey through motherhood. Chiropractic treatments promote a healthy, stress-free pregnancy by alleviating joint pain, sciatica, pubic symphysis dysfunction, muscle aches and nausea. Morning sickness plagues many pregnant women for a period of their pregnancies, and fortunately, Zofran isn't the only solution! Our doctors are well-trained to accommodate the special needs of pregnant women, with the specialty chiropractic certification in Webster Technique. Our treatments are modified to each and every pregnancy so that no pressure is applied to the abdomen.

Misaligned joints may be caused by the massive changes that occur during a pregnancy. Changes in weight gain or distribution, as well as changes to the alignment of the pelvis and posture, atrophy of core musculature and increased curvature of the lower back all contribute to pain and discomfort.

Natural Living's chiropractic and acupuncture treatments can be especially effective in reducing the effects of these physical stresses on the body. Stress to the uterus and its supporting ligaments may be reduced by establishing balance to the pelvis, most often accomplished with Webster Technique. Maintaining healthy spinal alignment will assist the body in functioning more effectively during this significant time of change, in addition, both support a healthier, easier birthing and labor process for mom and baby. [For more information: American Pregnancy Association

Although many don't initially realize, infants and toddlers deal with a variety of stressors in today's world. These stressors can be Physical (birth trauma, falls/accidents, athletic demands), Chemical (pollutants, food additives, vaccination additives), Emotional (fear/anxiety, peer pressure). Out team of doctors use chiropractic and acupuncture to support developing nervous systems as they learn to properly respond to those stressors, keeping our children from getting stuck in fight-flight-freeze Or rest-digest. In order to thrive, we need to have a proper balance of both. As infants grow and develop, the function and development of their nervous systems parallels that of their immune system. By relieving the nervous system of these stressors, it will allow the child to develop to the optimal health and strong immune system.

A large body of research supports pediatric chiropractic and acupuncture care for children dealing with a variety of conditions like Colic, Asthma, Ear Infections, Bed Wetting, ADHD, Headaches, and more. [For more research: International Chiropractic Pediatric Association] Starting chiropractic and acupuncture care with infants/children helps nurture the idea of wellness care and personal responsibility for health and well-being in the adolescent mind.

We strive to provide the highest quality prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care for Windsor and surrounding areas.