Importance of Chiropractic Care for Teens

Teenagers today tend to have quite a bit on their plates nowadays. Many suffer from issues such as chronic migraines, depression and anxiety, trouble sleeping, and so much more. They are also growing very quickly, which means that their spine and nervous system are incredibly vulnerable. In addition to all of this, teens are typically dealing with high level sports, hormonal changes, heavy schoolbags, and long periods of sitting at a desk or computer.

Many believe that teenagers tend to “bounce back” a lot easier than adults when they are injured. While it is true that a teens innate intelligence to heal may be stronger than an adults, if the nervous system is interfered, oftentimes the injury is masked until later in life. In fact, many adults admit to feeling old teenage injuries as they get older. Many of these future pains can be avoided when proper treatment is done at the time of injury.


Here are some other ways chiropractic care can benefit your growing teen:

  1. Reduced stress

Chiropractic care has been shown to release hormones such as oxytocin, which can help combat depression and anxiety. Not only that, but adjustments can help reduce muscle tension which can not only be caused by anxiety, but can even worsen it.

Chiropractic care can also help your teen sleep better, which in turn will help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.

  1. Relief from migraines

Although the reason typically varies, many teenagers suffer from chronic migraines. This can be incredibly debilitating, making daily tasks difficult. Chiropractic adjustments can start to reduce the intensity of your teens migraines, and can even cut the number of migraines in half!

  1. Improved posture

Teens are faced with incredibly heavy backpacks, and are often straining their neck and back due to looking down at technology. These can cause weak spinal muscles, which in turn create poor posture. Poor posture as a teenager can cause life-long problems as an adult. It can cause the natural curve in their neck to reduce causing headaches or even degeneration. It can also affect healthy growth in your teen.

Regular chiropractic adjustments will properly align the spine, strengthening the spinal muscles, and allowing your teen to grow with a healthy spine.

Dr.’s Jaci and Amanda are properly trained to treat your growing teenagers. Through gentle, yet specific, adjustments, they will be able to live their life optimally!


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