Chiropractic and the Nervous System

The human body is incredible. From the cardiovascular system, to the digestive system, to the immune system and more, it is amazing how much work is being done within in order to function.

What’s more amazing, is all of these systems are all controlled by one master system. Your nervous system. Without your nervous system, none of your other organ systems could survive.

Did you know that humans have roughly 85 billion nerve cells? This includes both in the brain and throughout the rest of your body! Your brain must communicate with your entire body through your nerves in order to function properly.  When the nervous system functions at its best, your potential for health is optimal. When we have interference within the nervous system arises, other systems within the body start to struggle.

Where does chiropractic fit into this?


Your spinal cord’s home is within the spine, connecting to your brain. Nerves from the spinal cord exit through each vertebral level at what is called the intervertebral foramen (AKA IVF). Due to the delicate location of the IVFs, a subluxation of the spine can cause irritation or impingement on the associated nerves. A subluxation means improper motion of a joint.

When there is irritation or impingement of a nerve, communication between that nerve and the brain becomes more difficult. As a result, dysfunction can be found. While the most common complaint of a subluxation is pain, symptoms such as constipation, heart palpitations, or even “brain fog” can be present.

Dr.’s Jaci and Amanda are trained to find and correct subluxations of the spine. Through gentle, yet specific, adjustments, nerve interference can be corrected, allowing you to live your life optimally!

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