Can Chiropractic Improve Fertility?

     Can chiropractic really improve fertility? We all know someone who knows someone who swears their chiropractor helped them with infertility. But this has to be an anecdotal, fat-chance thing, right? Wrong. And luckily so! Chiropractic has helped thousands of families grow. And today, I want to explain that a little further, from the perspective of a chiropractor.

      So now we need to talk about your nervous system. Our nervous system includes our brain and spinal cord and all the nerves that branch off your spinal cord and travel between your vertebrae, to supply every organ, gland, and tissue in our bodies. Without nerve supply, even our smallest tissues and glands cannot funtion. Talk about a big job! Do you know where in your spine these nerves that supply your reproductive organs are located? The pass through your sacrum, the triangular bone at the bottom of your spine. This bone, and the two around it, create your pelvis. Our pelvis can be misaligned due to a number of things: repetitive stress, sleeping in a poor position, sitting on a wallet or cell phone, etc. The stressors that create dysfunctional movement of the pelvis can be mechanical, physical, emotional or chemical.  Chiropractors are trained to find areas of the spine that are not moving optimally and adjust them, with the ultimate goal of reducing stress on the nervous system, and improving the nerve supply to whatever organ they meet. Normal nerve function is necessary for good health – which of course includes normal hormonal function, ovulation and implantation, as well as menstruation.

     The American Pregnancy Association site stats that "in many cases, fertility issues may be associated with inproper nervus system function, poor nutition, high stress and poor lifestyle habits." And continues that, "chiropractic care can be used in conjuntion with traditional approaches to fertility issues and can greatly enhance the chances of successful medical procedures such as IVF."

      If you personally are having difficulty conceiving, please call us so we can answer your questions about chiropractic and fertility. And never give up your hope!

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